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UKC produced Russell Terrier judges seminar

On May 19th, 2007 in Vancouver, WA the first judges seminar on the UKC Russell Terrier breed standard was presented by Avril Black, UKC judge and Russell Terrier breeder of 40 years. 

On May 20th, 2007 the UKC hosted the first hands on practicum for judges on the Russell Terrier.

The power point presentation was produced by the UKC with input from the NRTFC.  The presentation was available for judges at the seminar.  It is not being distributed in CD format.  If you recieved any information pertaining to the UKC Russell Terrier from any organization besides the Nationa Russell Terrier Foundation Club please read the warning below.

There is only one UKC produced and approved guide to the Russell Terrier. If you recieved one of the unauthorized e-mails or CDs please note that it does not reflect the UKC Russell Terrier breed standard and was not issued by a UKC liscensed club or the NRTFC.  In fact, the UKC sent an e-mail instructing judges to disregard the CD and e-mails.   Please see the correct UKC Russell Terrier breed standard here.
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