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Home- Welcome to the provisional national breed association for the UKC Russell Terrier aka. a shorty Jack, English Jack Russell, Irish Jack Russell Terrier, short legged Jack Russell, or under 12' longer than tall Jack Russell.

Officers- NRTFC or RTFC contacts for info and referrals on Russell Terriers/ shorty Jacks

Membership- Information on joining the parent club for UKC Russells or short Jack Russells

Member Clubs- affiliate clubs for English Jack Russells, Irish Jack Russells, short legged JRTs, shorty Jacks, shortie Jacks, or UKC Russell Terriers

Members Web Site- for UKC Russell Terrier club members only

Breed Standard-  the correct UKC Russell Terrier breed standard for the under 12 inch longer than tall Jack Russell Terrier

Illustrated Standard- information on the UKC approved Russell Terrier breed standard seminar for judges

Photo Gallery-  Russell Terrier pictures, English Jack Russell pictures, Irish Jack Russell pictures, shorty Jack pictures, short legged Jack Russell pictures

Russell Information and Articles- information about Russell Terriers or short legged Jack Russells

Russell Terrier Breeder Referrals- reputable and responsible breeders of the UKC Russell Terrier, English Jack Russell Terrier, Irish Jack Russell Terrier, short legged JRTs, shorty Jacks, shortie Jacks, or UKC Russell Terriers

Russell Rescue-  rescue contacts and information for short Jack Russell Terrier dogs.

Russell Terrier events- Russell Terrier fun days, seminars and events for UKC Russells

Russell Terrier Hall of Fame- UKC Top Ten Russell Terrier lists

Formerly the "English Jack Russell Club"-- Established 1995